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Camden Elementary students are expected to conduct themselves in an acceptable manner in order that learning can take place throughout the school day.  Behavior that stops teachers from teaching or prevents any student from learning is unacceptable. We continue to encourage our students through PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports).


Camden Elementary believes in frequent recognition of students who have demonstrated outstanding behavior through the school day. We want to “Catch students following school expectations”. In our efforts to reinforce positive behaviors, students may be rewarded daily for their actions.


Celebrations are held to reward students for their appropriate behavior. Students earn these incentives by meeting PBIS criteria and not receiving colt warnings or Level 2 office referrals.

Where Will We Follow Camden’s Behavior Matrix?

In the….

Hallways, Assemblies, Bathrooms, Playground, Bus lines, Lunchrooms and classrooms, too.

These expectations are taught and practiced during the 1st week of school, reinforced constantly during the school year, and posted in our hallways as visual reminders for our children. In order that our students know the types of specific behaviors that are acceptable, we follow a COLTS Matrix with specific expectations.

Please review the attributes of CES COLTS:

Caring - Be respectful, Use kind words, Be courteous and use appropriate language, Be a good friend, SMILE

On-Task - Be prepared for class, Complete assignments

Listen & Lead - Listen while others are speaking, Learn something new everyday

Team Player - Work together with classmates, Help others

Safety - Follow all directions

Our aim is self-disciplined students. When a student refuses to follow school rules or cooperate with the teacher, disciplinary actions may include the following:

Classroom Action

Verbal warnings

Colt warnings

Loss of privileges

Time out/Isolation

Notes home

Parent contact/Conferences

Office referrals*

Administrative Actions

Student conferences

Guidance referrals

Parent conferences



*In all cases of office referrals, a written report of the student’s misconduct is submitted by the teacher to the assistant principal. A copy is sent home with the student for parents to review, sign, and return to school the following day. When possible, a parent may be contacted by phone.


Bullying will not be tolerated at CES. We take reports of bullying very seriously. Children are encouraged to report any incidents of bullying toa CES staff member. Records of all reported incidents are kept on file by our guidance counselor.