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Dress Code

The responsibility for the dress and appearance of the students shall rest with individual students and their parents. You have the right to determine how the student will dress provided that the attire (1) complies with requirements for health and safety, (2) does not interfere with the educational process, and (3) is not destructive to school property.  You may refer to the Kershaw County School District Student Dress Code JICA for the entire dress code.

  1. Because of health and safety hazards, all students must wear shoes. We highly suggest students do not wear flip flops.
  2. Students should not wear clothing with inappropriate printed language, symbols, tobacco, or alcoholic beverage advertisements.
  3. Pants must be worn at the waist. Belts should be worn at all times when pants have loops. No undergarments should ever be exposed. No clothing with holes is permitted.
  4. No cut-off, half, or midriff shirts are allowed. At no time should a student’s midsection be exposed. No see-through shirts or blouses, spaghetti straps, or where undergarments are showing are allowed.
  5. No bandanas may be worn or carried.
  6. Hats, hoods, and/or sunglasses should not be worn inside any building, unless permitted in conjunction with a school-related activity or for medical reasons.
  7. Clothing should not be excessively form fitting. Leggings should be adequately covered to maintain modesty. Shorts, skorts, skirts, and dresses must be worn at or below finger-tip length with arms extended.