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Drop Off Pick Up and Transportation Changes

Car Rider – Morning Drop-Off

Student car riders are to arrive and be dropped off between 7:00 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. in the car-rider drive on the Lyttleton Street side of the building.  Remember that our school day begins at 7:30 a.m. and students are tardy unless they are in the building by 7:30am.  No child should arrive before 7:00 a.m. or be left unsupervised!  It is vital that all parents follow procedures and use the car area safely and that includes NO CELL PHONES and following directions of staff on duty.  Students should exit cars on the passenger side of the drive. Once the vehicle has stopped, children may exit their car. They do not have to wait for an adult to open their door.  Seatbelts should be worn by all passengers in vehicles and children under 13 should ride in the back seat.

There is no other area for student drop off!  Students are not to be dropped off in the front parking lot or along Laurens Street.  If you must come into the building with your child, you must park in the front visitor’s lot and come into the front office.

Walker Drop-off & Dismissal

Walkers may come to the drop-off area through the Lyttleton Street gate or down the sidewalk from Laurens Street.  Parents that walk with their children should drop them off at the back gate or the crosswalk in the front.  Staff will guide them across the drive, others are on duty to make sure they get into the building and hallways are monitored to ensure their safety.

We ask that for safety reasons, adults do not walk up to the drop-off/pick-up area either in the morning or afternoon.  This is a busy area and our attention must be focused on getting children into and out of cars.

Walkers will be dismissed and escorted to three areas of the campus:  1) Lyttleton Street and bus entrance (at the end of the fence) 2) Big tree at the end of the Laurens Street driveway and 3) Corner near Laurens and Broad Street.  Parents are required to complete a permission form before students will be allowed to walk to any of these three locations.

Car Rider – Afternoon Pick-up

Afternoon dismissal begins at 2:30 p.m.  Students are to be picked up in the car driveway on the Lyttleton Street side of the building.  ALL CARS MUST HAVE A CAR SIGN visible in the front window with the names of all children being picked up. Cars without signs will be directed to the front parking lot so an adult can go into the front office to sign out their child(ren).  One free sign is given to each family and others can be purchased for $1.00 each in the front office.  Students will be called as soon as cars reach the pick-up area.  Please pull all the way forward and keep your car sign in your window until an adult places your child in the car.  The car line will remain open until 2:45pm or until there are no cars in line.  At that time, all remaining children will be taken to the afterschool program and parents will need to pay the daily rate for the program.

Transportation Changes

If your child’s mode of transportation home changes (bus, car-rider or walker), a written note MUST be sent to your child’s teacher or faxed to the front office by 2:00pm at 803-432-1869.  Changes over the phone cannot be accepted.