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Homework Guidelines

Homework serves an important purpose in your child’s school life. It is a means of reviewing and reinforcing the lessons taught in school. Homework is also a way to help your child to develop work and study habits that will assist him or her throughout the years spent in school.

You can help your child develop some routines that will be of assistance in successfully completing homework assignments. The following suggestions are offered for this purpose:

  1. Check your child’s agenda or homework folder each day. Assignments should be written. By asking your child about homework, you are helping him or her remember that there is an assignment to be completed.

  2. Become interested in your child’s homework. Ask him or her to show the homework to you and to explain the work completed. Sharing your child’s work with him/her reinforces the importance of homework and helps the child to understand that you are interested in his/her progress. Looking at your child’s homework also keeps you informed about school progress and the way in which your child is able to complete the work assigned.

  3. Provide a suitable study environment to include a regular time and specific location free from distracting sights and sounds.