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Promotion Retention Policy

Students must achieve passing grades and demonstrate mastery of grade appropriate S.C. State Standards in order to be promoted to the next grade. The following shall be considered when determining promotion/retention:


  • maturity (academic, social, emotional, and physical)

  • individual progress as measured by the state kindergarten standards and assessment test results
  • teacher, principal, school psychologist, parents and district office instructional staff observation

Grades One and Two

  • classroom assessment results
  • work samples
  • teacher judgment
  • standardized or criterion referenced test results
  • grades
  • parent input

Grades Three through Five

  • available standardized or criterion referenced test results
  • documented progress on academic assistance plan
  • teacher judgment
  • grades, work samples, parent input
  • Grade 3: State Read to Succeed guidelines

Parents will be invited to conference frequently throughout the school year. If retention is being considered, it will be discussed at one or more of these conferences. A letter from the teacher and principal will be sent notifying the parent of retention and the appeals process.

The Individual Education Plan (IEP) will determine if alternatives to the promotion/retention policy are required for each student with a disability. The alternatives will be described in the IEP.